Our Missouri Justice Initiative is a plan to bring true justice to Missouri. It's ours because it will be owned by every one of us.

We cannot afford to wait while racism, inequity of opportunity, and a lack of courage steal the promise of America. Our justice system is not serving anyone affected by it, not our families, not victims, not law enforcement, not workers or business owners, not We the People. We must act boldly, and we must act now.

Our Missouri Justice Initiative is guided by several principles, including:

  • Ensuring fairness and accountability

  • Bringing criminals to justice

  • Using diversion courts and other proven strategies to improve outcomes

  • Protecting our civil rights

  • Combating the racism that delegitimizes our institutions

  • Ending practices that make justice available only to those who can afford it

  • Empowering every Missourian from all over our state, from all backgrounds, from all parts of our justice system to have a voice in solving our shared challenges

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